The Angler’s Boutique Resort


Two-plus years of top rankings

The Opportunity

The Angler’s Boutique Resort is a luxury, all-suite boutique resort located two blocks off of the beach in South Beach, Miami. This resort had consistently failed to provide the level of services and positioning strategies consistent with the exceptional product that the resort had to offer. Located on Washington Avenue in South Beach, prior operators had taken a rate position in the market based upon location, instead of top-of-class product offering, delivery of world-class personalized service and the unique differentiators that this property had to offer to the luxury, distinguished leisure traveler. The failure of the property to maximize rates due to rate positioning and service deficiencies led to a property that was unable to generate revenues sufficient to meet owner’s financial expectations.

The Vision

Coral Hospitality would create a marketing and public relations campaign to position The Angler’s Boutique Resort as the “Tranquil Oasis of South Beach.” This campaign would distinguish the resort as a destination to which to retreat and the perfect place to unwind after enjoying the high-energy excitement of South Beach. It would position the resort to take advantage of its all-suite room product, one-on-one personalized luxury services, lushly landscaped grounds and serene environment throughout the property. Upon the successful creation of the resort’s new image, Coral’s enhanced service levels and the expertise to drive beachfront rates at this off-beach location would make the resort a leader in the highly competitive South Beach market.

The Results

Coral Hospitality realized that to maximize the incredible potential of The Angler’s Boutique Resort as a truly unique South Beach destination, the concept of personalized, world-class service had to lead the way. Coral implemented its “Elite Ambassadors” training programs and initiatives. In addition, several guest enhancement programs were implemented to include in-room check-in, curbside VIP welcoming and guest appreciation receptions for all guests. These programs, along with the well-trained, enthusiastic team members’ intensive focus upon every guest experience detail, led to The Angler’s Boutique Resort capturing the No. 1 ranking on Trip Advisor. This position was maintained by Coral and the Resort for more than two years.

With the level of service now commensurate with the exceptional resort offerings and the newly launched property image campaign, Coral used its proven yield management techniques and rate positioning to realize on-beach rates at this off-beach location. Coral’s Sales and Marketing team re-targeted marketing resources and advertising channels and fostered decades of Florida relationships to direct qualified luxury traveler databases to the Resort. The Coral operations team keenly focused upon day-to-day management of the “putting heads in beds” process to quickly garner substantial market share, increased average rates and quality top-line revenues for the property.

The implementation of Coral’s proven financial controls, procedures, and methods, all of which balance a property’s vision and financial objectives, resulted in dollar maximization from Day 1. The training of property personnel in all financial areas by Coral’s corporate finance staff and the daily reinforcement, support and accountability led to measurable financial results. Coral’s commitment to achieving the pinnacle of first-class service delivery and industry leading financial results, while understanding the interconnectivity of the two, allowed Coral to maximize the bottom-line results for The Angler’s Boutique Resort.